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Our Mission


We present plays that effectively communicate the gospel message. Our dramas compel people to accept Christ as their Savior. The ministry seeks to “do the work of an evangelist.” Over 20,000 men, women, teens, and children have accepted Christ as their Savior after seeing a presentation in drama by the King’s Players.


Our ministry uses drama to edify believers. Our plays are performed to draw the Christian audience into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Our powerful productions will truly inspire members of your congregation to a deeper walk with God.


Our programs show concern for the family. Our production of Light In The Darkness shows the harm the parental conflict over finances can have on their children. It shows the struggles that teens face as they struggle with self-esteem and search for their own identity.


We encourage personal devotion to Christ in our King’s Players team members. Each member faithfully attends church, chapels, and team devotions. We also ask pastors in each of the churches we visit to bring a message to our team. It is the goal of the King’s players to prepare the team for ministry, to equip the saints, and to provide fellowship for its members.

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of King’s Players is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of drama.

Our Goals:

1. Promote Evangelism in America

We bring the message of Christ to drug & alchol rehabilitation homes, detention homes, prisons, public schools , Christian schools, Youth Rallies, and churches.

  • A team with proven evangelistic results
  • An outreach to adults, teens, and children
  • Dynamic Programs designed to reach non-believers

2. Build Strong, Godly Families

We bring Biblically-based programs that improve communication, marital commitment, parent/teen relationships and family devotions.

  • Reduce America’s 50% divorce rate.
  • Husbands and wives renew lasting relationships.
  • Teens and parents establish healthy communication.

3. Revitalize Churches

These productions deepen faith, create a desire to share your faith and compel non-believers to accept Christ.

  • Provide programs to build up believers in the faith.
  • Motivate Christians to share their faith
  • Churches reach out to the unchurched around them.