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Our Story

Ministry Highlights 1960-2023

Spring Break 2022 was the first tour after a two year break due to the Covid virus. After giving four services in schools near campus, the team traveled to Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro, MD. The team performed three times for elementary, middle school, and high school students. By the end of the performances, 22 students accepted Christ as Savior and 49 rededicated their lives! 

Easter 2018– At Roland Road Baptist Church in West Monroe,  LA, over 60 teens and adults accepted Christ following 2 performances of our Easter musical, Days of Glory.

March 14, 2017– With 700 teens present, 350 students accept Christ as Savior in a public school  in Louisiana.

2015. Light in the Darkness, a play dealing with bullying and depression in teens is added to the repertoire. Written by Rachel Allison, a liscensed clinical counselor and KP alum, the plays offer hope for teens searching for identity and an escape from darkness.

2001 -2002– Six performances were given to 5,500 Marines at Parris Island. 550 Marines accepted Christ and completed a 10 week discipleship course just a few months before all 5,500 Marines were deployed either to Iraq or Afghanistan.

1995– A Resurrection Celebration, a musical passion play on the last days of Jesus, is received to great acclaim.

1992– The team began performing anti-drug abuse plays to teens.

1989– The team began to perform plays that are designed to minister to families.

1988– Five consecutive presentations were given in one day at U.S. Army base Fort Lee in Petersburg, Virginia before 600 servicemen. 120 soldiers accepted Christ.  A month later a service was held in the Memorial Chapel with 1200 troops in attendance. Over 600 men and women stood to their feet to publicly receive Christ as their Savior. 

1986– At a public high school in Williamson, KY with 1000 students present, over 360 students professed salvation decisions.

1985– In a public high school in Hinton, West Virginia over 300 students accept Christ as Savior after a campus team performance.

1984-1985– Full-time team ministers for two years in over 600 churches and schools and records over two thousand salvation decisions.

1983– A 30-day missions tour of England was conducted with 28 performances given and over 300 salvation decisions recorded.

1983– Full-time King’s Players team was created ministering to over 300 churches and schools across America. Over 1,000 salvation decisions were recorded on this tour.

1982-1983– This school year saw over 400 salvation decisions from normal weekend touring schedule.

1981– A thirty-day tour of New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada was conducted during which over 500 people received Christ as their Savior.

1974– The team performs for one week at the World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington at the Festival of Entertainment.

1972– Over 60 inmates accept Christ as Savior in a Florida prison.

1960-1973– Hundred of tours are conducted with students from Asbury College. Thousands of men, women, teens, and children made decisions for the Lord after seeing a production by the King’s Players.

To God be all the glory, great things he has done!